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A day in my crazy, wonderful life

Which normally isn’t a big deal and now not so important since the irritation I was feeling that I thought was a yeast infection has calmed down. Hopefully my body is resolving it itself. But on another note I’m really missing him and feeling like I don’t get nearly enough time with him. Hopefully we can get out and do something together soon just me and him. Really needing it

So to top off being kinda grumpy cuz I haven’t been sleeping well, sciatica pain, round ligament pain, and congestion due to pregnancy (all of which I know are normal and I can gladly deal with for my little miracle!), I find out I have a yeast infection 😩 now this I can do away with! Sorry a little tmi but geeze! It’s super gross and uncomfortable and I can’t do anything about it till hubby gets off work to get some medicine. Even then I know he’s gonna be a butt hole and give me some grief about having to go pick up my medicine after just getting off work. Please time hurry and please God have hubbs be cooperative with me! 😞

So I’m 16 weeks today and noticed for the past few days that I have to eat way smaller portions than I’m used to because I get full soo fast! Just wondering if other mommy’s are or have experienced this so early. I didn’t think it’d start this early lol

So I googled halloween costume ideas for dressing up my bump and Google gave me some pretty weird options lol for example…the picture on the left is what I call beer belly guy…and the right is just boob. I totally lost it when I realized this woman painted her bump as a boob and called it a day! Lmao 😂


You’re 16 weeks pregnant and by now you’re starting to really feel pregnant! While 16 weeks pregnant your baby is about the size of a big pear.

Beef roast for dinner and peach cobbler for desert 😃 now it just needs to get cooler so I can start making gumbo 😋Can’t wait!

15 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I finally got to feel my baby moving around without question! It was kinda quick and felt pretty weird but I’ve never felt anything like that before so I know it had to be my little beasty wiggling around 😊 I was so sure since this is my first baby and since I have some extra weight on me still that I wouldn’t be able to feel it move till waaay later but I guess baby proved my assumptions wrong and wanted to show me how strong it is already! Can’t wait to feel stronger movements and feel them more regularly ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Squats are extremely important for your pelvic floor. Make squats a part of your daily life!


Definitely gonna start doing squats! Maybe not 300 to start with lol but I’ll get there!

Don’t mind me in my undies 😝 but hubby bought me a mirror to take pics in! I feel like now I don’t have a bump in this pic 😥 I just look really fat. oh well I guess…hopefully in the next coming weeks I’ll pop and won’t look fat


If by ‘pregnancy glow’ people mean ‘acne everywhere’ then I am G-L-O-W-I-N-G. 

15+5 belly!! 😊 I can feel my uterus a couple inches under my belly button now which is the weirdest thing for me lol but atleast I know my baby is growing right on track. I still feel like I’m in that in between stage and still can’t tell if I’m pregnant or just chubby 😝 but I know baby is gonna be growing a lot in these coming weeks so it’ll be obvious soon! Everyone that knows I’m pregnant can clearly tell the difference in my belly. I’m really hoping these next 3 weeks go by fast so we can find out if this baby is gonna be a girl or boy!

I'm Cassie. 20. With the love of my life <3 We have a son who is 5 and absolutely adorable! We have one angel baby. Sept. 14, 2013 my baby earned his angel wings. Currently TTC after loss. Everything about my life as a wife and (step) mother is on here. It's basically a daily day in the life and things I like. I make vlogs on youtube now so feel free to go watch those! I could tell you more about me but I think everything I post better describes me. Feel free to follow me I don't bite :P lol and don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm always up for a nice chat :)

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